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They're Independent young adults

While they appreciate Mom and Dad's thoughts on any given subject, they have their own mind and like to speak for themselves.


Exploring new places gives them a joy unlike any other and they're always dreaming of their next adventure. Studying abroad in college is a must for them.

They're AMBITIOUS and want to make an impact

They want to make their mark, reach for the stars, and make the world a better place for others to live.


They believe every human has worth and value and should be treated equally and with compassion. They believe black lives matter, love is love, and don't judge others for the way they live their lives.


They love their family and friends fiercely and would do anything for them. 

They have an eye for style

While they're hip, modern teenagers who have their finger on the newest fashions, they also value classic style and want their senior photos to be timeless works of art.

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Sweet Testimonials



'I’m shy at first but Lauren’s personality brought me out of my shell and helped me feel relaxed and confident.'

Initially, I felt anxious about my photos. I loved the natural, fun look of Lauren’s work and hoped my senior photos would be as beautiful as her other clients’ photos. As soon as my session began, my nerves went away because of Lauren's bubbly personality and constant praise. Working with her was a fun and relaxing experience!

- Grace, High School Senior

' Lauren made me feel so comfortable and natural in front of the camera'

I wanted photographer with an artistic perspective and ability to capture movement for my photos and Lauren gave me that. She provided clear direction and advice to capture the best possible pictures. And the compliments I received on my photos from friends, family, and social media was overwhelming! My session was effortless, inspirational, and I was amazed at how Lauren brought out the best in me.

- Alejandra, high school Senior & dancer

'This session was a breeze! There was no stress at all and I felt very confident the entire time.'

So many of my family members said, "That’s so you" after seeing my photos. My friends said they were gorgeous and I looked so beautiful and carefree! Before I decided who to go with for my photos, I was afraid that my photos wouldn’t turn out. But, I was confident in Lauren and had a pretty good idea that it was going to go well. What I didn’t fully realize until my session was how much fun I’d have - it felt like hanging out with a friend.

- Jackie, High School Senior

On Average, My Clients Invest

Sessions start at $600


on their Senior session

What Makes LBP Different?

You're likely researching several different photographers for your senior photos and you might be asking yourself, "Why should I hire you over Photography X?" That's a great question. Photography X and I may have similar styles, but here's why I stand out above others:

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I Make Being In Front Of The Camera Comfortable  :  If there's one thing I hear most often from my seniors, is that I make them feel comfortable and confident while being photographed. All start off saying, "I'm super awkward in photos," and by the end, they're loving every moment of it!

I Listen To My Clients  :  No two senior photo sessions or their image galleries are ever 100% alike. That's because I listen to my seniors and take photographs of what is important to them. If you don't want photos of X, Y, or Z, we won't take them. If you want photos of A, B, or C, we'll make it happen!

I'm My Seniors' Advocate  :  I'm an enneagram 1w2 which is "the advocate." My seniors are my number one priority and I will work for you and what you want. If that means standing up to a parent because they are stressing you out, I'll do it...gently and kindly, of course.

My Posing and Composition Are Masterful  :  I spend time posing my seniors so that they feel natural, genuine, and comfortable. I take extra care to compose an image so there aren't distractions that draw the eye away from the subject.

I Take A Variety Of Images  :  Some senior photographers only take trendy photographs of their seniors. And while those are great for social media, they may not be great for the yearbook or the frame on your mantle. I take a variety of photographs of my seniors including, but not limited to, the fun and trendy ones, as well as classic portraits.

I Help You Pick Your Outfits  :  I can't tell you how many seniors and their parents have said their outfit consultations made their planning so much easier. I know what looks good in front of the camera, and you know what styles you like. Together, we're able to pick photogenic outfits that you feel 100% yourself in.

My Edits Look Natural  :  I pride myself on honoring color in my edits and it starts by shoot in a way that honors my clients' skin tones. By honoring skin tones, color in the rest of their photographs look natural. And natural color is timeless which means your wedding photos will always be in style.

I Deliver Photos Quickly  :  My clients receive their final image galleries well before my contracted delivery date deadline. And while I deliver their galleries quickly, I still take great care to masterfully edit, color correct, and otherwise perfect my clients' images.


How would you describe your style?

My style is a combination of fine art and true to color photography - I like to call it Romantic Realism. Colors are true to those you saw on the day of your senior photo session, contrast is low yet there's still a lot of pop, and the feeling you'll get when looking at them can only be described as "dreamy."

How many photographs can I expect to receive? 

The exact number of images you'll depends on any number of things which is why I don't guarantee an exact number. However, each collection includes a minimum amount of images. Please see the Collections section above for details.

When will My Senior photos be delivered?

My goal is to deliver your images quickly. Your senior photos will be delivered within 3 weeks of your session. I also try my best provide senior clients with an Instagram story sneak peek within a few days of their session so that they share it with their followers.

When should i book my senior session?

Book as soon as you know you want to work together! My summer and fall senior booking calendar goes live in January of the same calendar year and dates go on a first come first serve basis. My available senior session dates fill up quickly, so it's a good idea to book your session as early as possible.

How many Senior sessions do you book a year?

I take on a limited amount of senior sessions each year so that I can give my all to each of my LB Seniors. In a typical year, that's about 30 senior sessions between the months of May and October.

Is the entire collection fee due upfront?

Unless your session is booked last minute, your collection fee will be split into 2 equal payments. The first invoice is due with your signed contract proposal and the second invoice is due a week before your session.

I live in California but I love your work. Will you travel to me?

Absolutely! We'll create a custom senior photo collection for you destination senior session and we'll make sure your photos are everything you ever dreamed of. 

If you live locally but want to plan a destination senior session, especially one in Colorado, Boston, and/or NYC, let me know and we'll make magic happen.

Can you recommend your favorite hair and makeup artist?

I would love to help you add find the best hair and makeup artist but I only share my list of recommended vendors with my clients. That's a perk of being an LB Senior.

Should I provide you with a shot list?

When you hire me, you're hiring me as an expert and as an experienced artist. I have fine tuned my approach to ensure I capture you at your best with the greatest amount of variety that time allows. 

Where do I change outfits?

When a public bathroom isn't available for us to use, you may either change in your car or use my pop-up changing tent.

What happens if it rains?

I typically wait until the day of the shoot to make the final call on whether we postpone a session or not because often (real talk: most of the time) the weather turns around! However, if it's super rainy or stormy, we will reschedule your session. Please note: the later it is in the season, the fewer dates I'll have available for rescheduled sessions.

Know exactly what to wear at your senior photography session and style yourself with ease!

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