Welcome parents!

This is a very special time! Not just for your child, but for you too. You've worked hard to raise them and guide them this far and you're exceedingly proud of everything they've accomplished.

I know choosing your child's senior photographer is an important decision and you want to make sure you're making the right choice. You want to know your baby is being cared for with respect, dignity, and an open heart. Not to mention you also want to make sure you're spending your money wisely. All of that responsibility isn't lost on me: I'm honored, humbled, and excited that you're considering me to photograph your teen!

Even if you've done senior photos with another child, you likely still have a few questions about this whole "senior photo" thing. 

Having photographed more than 100 seniors from over 40 high schools over the past few years, I tend to get asked the same things over and over again from parents. So I thought it would be beneficial to put together a guide that walks you through everything from when should you book a session, to what to expect once we're official, to other equally important things.

If you still have lingering questions after reading this guide, please don't hesitate to inquire. Thank you again and I can't wait to meet you and your senior!

- Lauren

High School Senior Photographer

lauren baker photography is a Fine Art

My goal is to give your senior a memorable experience in which I shower them with love and respect so that they not only walk away with phenomenal photographs, but increased feelings of confidence, self worth, and self acceptance, too.

My goal

Plan your session

Don't be surprised when I ask you to step in front of the camera and take some parent-child photos towards the end of your senior's session.

You are a big reason why your child is so successful. I want to honor your hard work by taking a few quick photos of the two of you together. It's an opportunity to share a sweet moment, just the two of you, and to internalize the magnitude of this moment in both of your lives.

If you want, you can use this as an opportunity for you and your senior to get your hair and nails done. Lean into the once-in-a-lifetime experience of it all and make a memory together.

Senior + Parent

One of my favorite moments of a senior's photo session is when you step in front of the camera with them.


What to expect?

You've signed on the dotted line...now what? Here's a peek at the pre-session timeline.

As soon as you sign your contract and submit the session retainer, you'll get an email giving you access to my Senior Hub. In the Hub, are several preparation articles, outfit guides, and timelines to help you and your senior solidify your vision for their senior session experience.

1. Visit the Senior hub and Read through the Senior Guide

A few weeks before your senior's photo session, we'll hop on a video meeting to go over all of the outfits your senior is thinking about wearing at their session. We'll go over each outfit and I'll give feedback and suggestions. During this meeting, we'll also go over any loose ends and make a solid game plan for your senior's session.

2. Outfit Consultation

You do not need to attend your senior's session but you are certainly welcome to. Your senior should arrive in their first outfit and we'll start taking photos from there. I give us about a half hour per outfit to give us plenty to time in each look. Trying to fit in more than one outfit change per hour gets pretty chaotic and stressful for both you and your senior and I want to remove as much unnecessary stress during the session as possible.

3. The Day of the Session

You will receive your senior's full gallery within six weeks of their session, if not sooner, and you'll be able to download them directly to your computer in both high and low resolution image files. You will have about three months to download your entire gallery, make favorite lists, and place print orders before the gallery expires. 

Please note:
the high resolution files I deliver will meet your senior's yearbook sizing requirements. 

4. Gallery Delivery

Albums, like prints, can be ordered directly through your senior's image gallery. If your senior's collection includes a portrait album credit, you'll receive a coupon that can be applied at checkout in the image gallery store. 

I encourage all of my senior clients to place their album orders before April of their graduation year so the album(s) arrive in time for their senior graduation party.

5. Senior Photo Album Orders

If the forecast is calling for rain, don't fear because rainy days can still be beautiful!

I tend to wait until the last minute to make the call to postpone a session due to weather. Why is that? Because more often then not, it ends up clearing up in time for your senior's session.

If a chance of rain is in the forecast, I recommend not freaking out too much and instead embrace it. I have several clear umbrellas that we can use to walk between photo locations and as a prop if it's needed. Plan to bring rain boots with you and wear when we walk between locations to we keep your pretty shoes nice and clean. 

If we do have to postpone due to severe weather, a rescheduling fee will not be enforced.


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We’re free spirited love and adventure seekers who know the value of having a game plan while allowing room for flexibility in order to embrace the unexpected, joyful moments life throws our way. 


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I’m shy at first but Lauren’s personality brought me out of my shell and helped me feel relaxed and confident.

- Grace

Initially, I felt anxious about my photos. I loved the natural, fun look of Lauren’s work and hoped my senior photos would be as beautiful as her other clients’ photos. As soon as my session began, my nerves went away because of Lauren's bubbly personality and constant praise. Working with her was a fun and relaxing experience!"

I wasn't sure if I wanted senior photos because I struggle with low self esteem and having confidence.

- Kirsten

Working with Lauren was an eye opening experience because she is a true professional and will always make sure your pictures turn out great! She really helped me with my confidence and made the whole experience comfortable, fun, and memorable."

As a parent, I was initially worried about being treated like we were just another quick client to check off the list.

- Melisa (parent)

I did not need to worry about that with Lauren! She helped my daughter to feel relaxed and to be herself. Lauren was super helpful and responsive to our wishes and dreams. We loved working with her so much that we already know that we will be working with her for my son's senior photos next year."

I was so stressed out with how many photographers were in the area and I had no idea what to look for before I found Lauren.

- Ashlyn

I loved how easy-going Lauren made the shoot. It didn’t feel like there was any pressure and that made me so much more relaxed in front of the camera. She was intentional about how she brought out my personality in my photographs so that I felt comfortable, confident, and relaxed throughout the session."

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